• About ME

    Ottawa’s Nick Gamache, Senior Advisor of Media Relations and Issues Management at Elections Canada, provides strategic advice for media and communications initiatives to senior management and the CEO. His responsibilities at Elections Canada include identifying internal and external issues with communications strategies, as well as developing messaging designed to effectively communicate Elections Canada’s key message. Nick delivers communications services under tight deadlines and in breaking news situations, while staying on top of emerging communications trends and finding ways to harness their potential, particularly with the use of social media.

    Having spent nearly 20 years in Canadian media circles, Nick Gamache began his career with CBC in Quebec in 2002 as a reporter and producer. He eventually moved to Ottawa, where he took on roles in radio and television broadcasting, in addition to writing and editing for CBC’s online platform. His work led to a key role in planning the coverage of the 2015 federal election. While appearing regularly on CBC’s election coverage, Nick oversaw the creation of new digital- first infographics and a podcast focusing on understanding political polls. Nick served as senior producer for CBC’s political radio show/podcast, the House, for almost ten years. In 2019,

    Having spent more than a decade as a member of the Canadian media in digital print, radio and television broadcasting, Nick developed a deep understanding of Canadian politics, public policy issues and the media’s role informing the public on both. He carried that interest forward in his current role with Elections Canada.

    Nick Gamache earned a bachelor of arts in journalism from Concordia University in 2003 and is fluently bilingual. In addition, he has advanced training in strategic communications, speech writing, sound editing, broadcast writing, web writing and editing as well as on-air performance. While not working, he enjoys reading, sports, history, politics and writing fiction.